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Baltimore Wicked History Tours has been thrilling locals and visitors alike with scandalous tales of Baltimore’s

Baltimore Wicked History Tours

image by Christopher Graham of Charm City Photography

underbelly since 2014. The Fells Point Wicked History Pub Tour began running in September 2014, with the Mt Vernon Wicked History Pub Tour and the Wicked Brews Craft Beer and History Pub Tour (in Fells Point) running one year later. The goal of Baltimore Wicked History Tours is to inform and entertain, in equal measure. This is a history lesson like no other!

The Fells Point Wicked History Pub Tour lasts between 2-2.5 hours, depending on the tour guide. There are 3-4 pub stops during the course of the tour, where guests enter pubs and can purchase a drink if they like. Join us to travel back in time to when Fells Point was a colorful, dangerous place to visit, crawling with sailors, privateers, ladies of the night, and immigrants looking for a better life. Tempers ran hot with people who had nothing to lose and those looking to exploit them. Fells Point also had its bright spots with luminaries like Billie Holiday and Edgar Allan Poe roaming these historic streets. Learn the secrets of this historic maritime village on the Fells Point Wicked History Pub Tour.

The Wicked Brews Craft Beer and History Pub Tour lasts two hours, and takes place in Fells Point, Baltimore. Over the past few years, Baltimore has become a hotspot for craft beer breweries. It seems that a new brew pub opens every week lately! Baltimore’s history is written in beer. Beer has always been part of the fabric of Baltimore’s history- from Mary Pickersgill piecing together the Star Spangled Banner on the floor of a Baltimore malt house, to the German breweries that flourished in the city in the mid 1800’s, to the notorious crime wave that swept the city on the eve of Prohibition. Join us to explore Baltimore-specific craft beer, baltimore’s brewing history, and the scandalous history of Fells Point- all in one tour!

The Mt Vernon Wicked History Pub Tour takes place in Baltimore’s cultural center, the Mt Vernon neighborhood. Originally a leaf suburb of Baltimore city, Mt Vernon was home to some of its most storied denizens. From the Gilded Age to the Jazz Age, Mt Vernon Baltimore has it all. It was here that Francis Scott Key died, and his second cousin, F Scott Fitzgerald drank himself nearly to death. Here Mary Garrett Jacobs ruled Baltimore society, and Wallace Warfield Simpson first worked her wiles. Zelda Fitzgerald’s only play debuted at the Vagabond Players Read St location in Mt Vernon. Mt Vernon has hosted kings and presidents, and not a few famous writers. Join us to learn their secrets.